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Don't Sweat A/C Issues

Learn about our air conditioning repair services in Kansas City, MO

Are A/C issues making your home uncomfortable? Don't lose your cool-turn to the air conditioning repair specialists at Foxwood Services LLC Kansas City, MO. Our local crew is equipped to work on most makes and models of air conditioners.

Whether your unit needs new parts or wiring updates, you can trust us to have it running like new in no time. For additional details about our air conditioning repair services, call Foxwood Services now at 816-252-1800.

Common signs of A/C issues

If you're concerned about your A/C unit, reach out to Foxwood Services. We're home to some of the top air conditioning repair technicians in the Kansas City, MO area. We can handle everything from quick fixes to significant repairs.

You might call us if:

  • Your cooling unit shakes excessively or makes strange noises when in use
  • Your air conditioner only blows hot air or only works in portions of your home
  • Your energy bill is higher than normal

Want to protect your air conditioner from minor issues and extend the life of your unit? Get in touch with us today to register for our air conditioning maintenance program.