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From Heating Repair to Heating Installation

Foxwood Services LLC offers the best hvac service in Kansas City, MO

Did your heat stop working in the middle of a freezing winter? Before you are too cold to move, call Foxwood Services LLC for heating repair services in Kansas City, MO.

Heating system damage is not something you should try to troubleshoot on your own. You could end up causing even more damage to your system and just prolong the repair time. Save time and energy by scheduling professional heating repair services in the Kansas City, MO area.

5 signs you need a new heating system

Once Foxwood Services has assessed your heating system, we'll determine if you need repair or heating installation service. If you notice....

  1. Strange sounds when your heat turns on
  2. Constant temperature fluctuations
  3. Excessive window condensation
  4. Unusually high electric bills
  5. The need for constant repairs

... it's most likely time for a new heating installation. Foxwood Services works on gas, electric and propane heat pumps and can also install geothermal systems. We specialize in Lenox installations, but we can also work with other brands.

Contact us today to restore warmth back to your home in Kansas City, MO.