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The weather in Kansas City can turn to bitter cold before you know it. Is your heating system ready to perform when you need it most? Contact Foxwood Services LLC today to schedule heating repair services in Kansas City, MO.

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What are the most common causes of furnace issues?

Your furnace could have any number of problems that result in poor performance. Our certified technicians will look for:

  • Dirty filters-dirty air inlet filters can cause improper heater operation and higher energy costs.
  • Ignition problems-ignition controls may begin to wear out, which may cause the furnace to stop turning on.
  • Worn-out parts-a bad motor, worn belts, bearings or other air flow problems may cause inconsistent flow that could cause some parts of the home to be cold.
We'll value open and honest communication to help you determine the best course of action for your budget. Speak with us today to schedule your heating repairs in Kansas City, MO.